Tough Mudder Training and Nutrition Tips

I decided to sign up for and train for a Tough Mudder race in 3 months. However, I’m not exactly sure how to prepare for such madness. Sound like you? Then join me as I find out and document my journey and share Tough Mudder Training and Nutrition Tips right here on this blog.

Why Choose a Tough Mudder Race?

When my 16-year-old niece asked me to come to Alaska to do a mud run in June (because I am the cool, active Aunt), my first thought was: well, obstacle courses really aren’t my thang and WAAAY out of my comfort zone. I run, cycle, swim, lift weights, but swimming in mud and climbing walls, not so much.


But here’s the thing – I said yes, I mean why not? I am in good shape, eat clean, and lots of people do them, what do I have to lose? Pride maybe. I have a birthday coming up here in a couple of days and I’m not getting any younger if you know what I mean so here goes!


Okay enough of continuing to talk myself into it – I am committing now – for all of the world to see, or perhaps the handful of people (like my mother) who will be reading this blog. And what I have decided is that I need to prepare by training for and competing in a Tough Mudder here in Texas. The one I am aiming for is the weekend of May 6 & 7 in Central Texas and the purpose of this blog is to document my Tough Mudder Training and Nutrition Journey.


Tough Mudder Training and Fueling Day 1


So here we go! Day 1. I ran this morning, my usual run, and refueled with these delicious protein pancakes tough mudder day 1 pancakes(recipes to come). I cooked some nitrate rich beets yesterday and topped my vegan mega-salad with them for lunch. tough mudder day 1 saladBeets are one of those “sports foods” that can help improve performance. Here is an article I wrote a couple of years ago on beets and performance


For training, I downloaded the Tough Mudder Training and Tough Mudder Half Training Guides posted on the official Tough Mudder website and thought I would mesh them together based on my weaknesses and strengths and what I hate doing the most. Like burpees – ugh and double ugh, but apparently an essential part of every Tough Mudder event. So tonight I will do a 15-minute combination workout of kettle bell swings, push ups, burpees, Russian Twists and whatever else strikes me in the moment. My reward will be a yummy smoothie (recipe and photo to come).


I’ll let you know how it goes and till then, if you are on the fence about doing a mud run, join me in my journey and just go for it!




  1. You go girl!!

  2. Bonny Groff says:

    Good luck with your mud run training Jenny!