Collagen Powder: Benefits and Uses

If you are curious about collagen powder then read on. This informative article was shared with me by HVMN a high quality supplement company. Their collagen powder and MCT oil powder are one option you may consider if you decide to add either of these to your supplement routine. Originally published on HVMN by Ryan Rodal Peruse the aisles of any health food or supplement store and you’ll … [Read more...]

Six Recovery Supplements for Athletes

Originally published on HVMN by Nate Martins. Why is recovery so often skipped?Athletes know it’s essential to build muscle. It’s crucial to cool down, eat protein, stretch, hydrate, and give your body an opportunity to replenish and repair post-workout.Maybe it’s our busy schedules; we’re off to the next thing so fast, often unable to account for the extra half-hour of recovery after workouts. … [Read more...]