How to Focus on Self-Care as a Busy Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs will agree that starting a business is both rewarding and time-consuming. While it’s important to dedicate time and energy to help your business grow, it’s also vital to make time for self-care. You can do this in small ways each day, whether it’s scheduling some exercise into your daily routine or improving your diet. 

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Exercise more to lower stress

Our bodies aren’t designed to be sedentary, which is why it’s necessary to include exercise into your routine—especially if you spend most of your working hours in front of a computer. Exercise will do more than lower your stress; it will also help release endorphins to boost your mood and help you feel more positive and energized.

If you’re highly invested in growing your business, it might be difficult to stay on track with your fitness. A great way to stay accountable is by using a fitness tracking app to remind you to exercise.

Other wellness apps that can help you stay on top of your self-care are Headspace and My Possible Self. Headspace is an app to help people learn to meditate and stay on track with a meditation routine. It offers guided meditations of various lengths and uses different techniques such as body scanning and visualizations. My Possible Self is a great app for people who struggle with mental health. It allows users to chart emotions and feelings, which can be useful when determining triggers for anxiety, depression, or stress. It even provides some self-help tutorials to help users come up with coping mechanisms.

Fitness tech tools

Along with taking advantage of helpful apps, a smartwatch can be a useful tool to keep track of your fitness while monitoring your health. 

Smartwatches are great for activity tracking and keeping you healthy and safe. For example, a smartwatch can monitor your heart rate and let you know if you need to slow down or take a break, all while allowing you to listen to music on your run.

If you don’t need a tiny super-computer attached to your wrist but still want to monitor your health while exercising, you could go for a simple fitness tracker that links to an app on your phone and shows you your daily progress. 

Boost your nutrition

Exercise is great for your overall health, but you won’t see many changes if you don’t incorporate healthier eating. While you likely don’t need to adopt an entirely new diet, focusing on nutrition will help you feel better every day. 

Along with eating more home-cooked meals and avoiding processed foods, stack your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks such as baby carrots and hummus. Try to eat your meals away from your computer or workspace: taking a proper lunch break is important to help give your brain a rest from work, and moving to a different area of your house for a short time will allow you to stretch your legs.

Consulting with an expert dietician from Koslo’s Nutrition Solutions can help you maximize your efforts, and they can put together a personalized nutrition plan that’s sure to improve your eating habits.  

Form an LLC

Forming an LLC may not seem like self-care, but it can significantly lower your stress levels. For starters, limited liability means that your personal assets won’t be at risk if an employee or your business is sued. Forming an LLC for your Austin startup also has tax advantages so you can limit your tax burden. Instead of paying expensive attorney fees, you can let a business formation service take care of this task, but it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws in your state before moving forward.

To be successful in your business, it’s important to incorporate self-care tactics into each day. Get exercise and track your progress with fitness apps or a smartwatch, and eat a balanced diet to help you think more clearly and get more done. By improving your overall wellness, your business will thrive alongside your health.

Written by Katie Conroy of http://advicemine, reviewed by Jennifer Koslo, PhD, RDN, LDN, CPT

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