Initial Nutrition Consultation

Achieve your nutrition goals with a personalized nutrition plan. Plans are developed to fit your lifestyle and unique nutritional needs based on health and physical activity goals.

  • An assessment of your current health and medical history.
  • A review of your current goals, medical or sports related.
  • Assessment of your physical activity and determination of calories¬†expended.
  • A computerized analysis of 3 days of food logs.
  • A one hour consultation to discuss your personalized nutrition/meal plan that is appropriate for you and your goals. Consults can be conducted in person, via Skype, email, or phone.
  • Recommendations for fueling pre-, during, and post-training.
  • Handouts and supportive information.
  • A follow up by email to review questions.
  • Additional follow ups can be scheduled to fine tune plan.

Initial Consultation – $110 in person

Initial Consultation – $90 online