How Tough Mudder Training Reminds Me of My Peace Corps Days

Last night I was thinking how training for a Tough Mudder reminds me of my Peace Corps days. I served 2 ½ years in Sierra Leone, West Africa as an inland fisheries volunteer way back from the summer of 1987 until the end of 1989. Granted I was much, much younger (was it really 30 years ago???), but physical, along with mental challenges are at the core of the Peace Corps slogan: The Toughest Job You Will Ever Love.


For example, I lived in a mud hut, I cooked over a 3 stone fire, and I fetched water from a well, which I toted on my head in a bucket. Yes I actually did what these women in this YouTube video are doing


I also walked a couple of miles to the river with said bucket on head full of dirty laundry which I banged on rocks and rinsed in the river


So I guess somewhere inside of me I do have what it takes to complete a Tough Mudder. I should probably mention that I also rode a Honda 125 motorcycle over some pretty rough terrain, fell too many times to remember on roads like this tough mudder is like the peace corpsand lifted that 235 pound bike up all by myself. tough mudder honda motorcycleWow!! I just looked up the weight – I had no idea I lifted that amount!


My musing today are another essential component of Tough Mudder Training which include instilling in oneself grit, determination, and mental toughness. Like my Peace Corps experience, I am sure it will be unforgettable and give me lots of storytelling material.


In terms of Tough Mudder Training, today is a rest day so I did my usual run and walked my dog but will take a break from conditioning work. Tough Mudders, the Toughest Race You Will Ever Love. Think it will catch on?