Olympic Nutrition and Nutrition for Us Mortals

The summer Olympics are my favorite, have you been watching? I love it because I get to live vicariously through the athletes and imagine myself running as a Team USA marathoner or as one of the tri-athletes. Ah, one can dream right? So you know when it comes to excelling at athletics 3 things must align: genetics, nutrition and training. There‚Äôs nothing you can do to change your genetics, so when … [Read more...]

Coconut water: Is it really “natures sports drink”?

Coconut water is not something new. The liquid inside young, green coconuts has long been enjoyed in tropical countries due to its availability, cultural traditions and beliefs regarding its health benefits. But now it has gone main stream in the US and can be found in colorful juice-box style packages in a variety of flavors in most supermarkets. Sales of coconut water in the US have jumped in … [Read more...]

Wow is it hot!

It sure is a hot one today in Phoenix with a high of 112! This means that you need to either get outside very early or very late to do your exercise. You also want to make sure that you are hydrating adequately. Physiologically speaking exercising in the heat puts the most stress on your body. You are dealing with the heat gained from physical exertion as well as the hot environment. Dehydration … [Read more...]