Everyday Strategies to Look and Feel Your Best

Have you felt run-down, lackluster, or just “blah” lately? It can be hard to know where to start when your life and self-care habits need a boost. Although it’s no mystery that a healthy diet and regular exercise are keys to your well-being, there’s more to it than that. It’s also essential to take a look at your mental health, your attitudes toward your appearance, how you spend your time, and … [Read more...]

How to Focus on Self-Care as a Busy Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs will agree that starting a business is both rewarding and time-consuming. While it’s important to dedicate time and energy to help your business grow, it’s also vital to make time for self-care. You can do this in small ways each day, whether it’s scheduling some exercise into your daily routine or improving your diet.  Photo by Ekaterina … [Read more...]

Six Recovery Supplements for Athletes

Originally published on HVMN by Nate Martins. Why is recovery so often skipped?Athletes know it’s essential to build muscle. It’s crucial to cool down, eat protein, stretch, hydrate, and give your body an opportunity to replenish and repair post-workout.Maybe it’s our busy schedules; we’re off to the next thing so fast, often unable to account for the extra half-hour of recovery after workouts. … [Read more...]

Calories in = Calories out? Factor Affecting the Energy Balance Equation

When I first started my career as a cardiac dietitian, I memorized the Harris Benedict equation, which is a long mathematical equation for calculating the resting energy expenditure for men and for women.  Resting energy expenditure (RMR) is the number of calories that a person needs to stay alive while resting. RMR accounts for about 60-75% of total daily energy expenditure so it is … [Read more...]

Cocoa: The Food of the Gods

I grew up in Pennsylvania and one of the highlights of my summers was the annual trip to Hershey Park. The lampposts are topped with Hershey Kiss shaped streetlights and the air in the town is infused with a pleasant chocolate smell. There is a museum/factory where you can take tours and learn all about chocolate but the real fun is the amusement park and the Sooper Dooper Looper! Funny thing … [Read more...]

Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dish

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and celebrate the abundance the season has to offer. Unfortunately for most Americans this means overindulging in high calorie and high fat foods. I read in my American Council on Exercise newsletter (http://www.acefitness.org/pressroom/392/hard-to-believe-average-thanksgiving-meal-equals-3) that the average Thanksgiving meal with all of the fixings can be in … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Book Review

I was recently asked to complete a book review of a work designed to provide consumers with practical steps and actions that can be taken to reduce their risk of heart disease. The book is authored by Joseph Piscatella and Barry Franklin and is called 109 Things You Can Do: Prevent, Halt, & Reverse Heart Disease.When I first started my career as a registered dietitian, I held the position of … [Read more...]

February is Heart Health Month!

As an athlete you may think that you are immune to heart disease since you incorporate physical activity on a regular basis. However, do you really know what an optimal heart-healthy diet should include? There is so much misinformation available that I thought a review of some dietary habits and facts pertinent to heart health were in order.Let’s start with a quiz! 1. Is it more important to … [Read more...]