Get Your Plate in Shape!

Get Your Plate in Shape! National Nutrition Month© kicks off on March 1st and this year’s theme is “Get Your Plate in Shape.” This annual event is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) and focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound, lifelong eating and physical activity habits. The key messages from … [Read more...]

Does Your Diet Have Enough Vitamin D?

Fall is officially here and the days are getting shorter. For most people, the change in seasons leads to a different workout routine due to less sunlight, and a dietary shift to more “comfort” type foods. As you are shifting into fall you should probably take stock of your diet and in particular of your vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is crucial to health and disease prevention, not only for … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Book Review

I was recently asked to complete a book review of a work designed to provide consumers with practical steps and actions that can be taken to reduce their risk of heart disease. The book is authored by Joseph Piscatella and Barry Franklin and is called 109 Things You Can Do: Prevent, Halt, & Reverse Heart Disease.When I first started my career as a registered dietitian, I held the position of … [Read more...]

Are the new “natural-cut fries with sea salt” recently unveiled by Wendy’s a healthy choice?

If you know me then you know I am not a fan of fast food at all. Fast food items are generally loaded in calories, contain lots of fat, and have far too little vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But I am one of those realist dietitians and I know people sometimes resort to fast food on those hectic days and want to provide some guidance on whether these new spuds count as a good choice in a sports … [Read more...]

The 12 Days of Christmas Redone

Thanksgiving is over and depending on your level of indulgence you may already be worrying about holiday weight gain. You may also be feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and looking for some smart ways to stay on track this season. Before the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, take stock of your current nutrition and exercise habits and get a plan. I have this quote on one of my computers that … [Read more...]

Is going gluten-free a viable weight loss option?

The gluten-free market is experiencing huge growth not only in the US but on a global scale. It is estimated that just 1% of the population has celiac disease yet according to market reports 15 to 25% of consumers want gluten-free foods. So is this demand for gluten-free products the latest weight loss fad or is giving up gluten a viable weight loss technique?Gluten consists of two proteins, … [Read more...]

KNS adds a blog!

Ok if you haven't noticed from my previous blogs I am new to blogging. I took some downtime yesterday and tried to tackle a giant stack of journals and magazines and came across an article titled "Ten Rules for Better Blogging" in my American Dietetic Association journal. After reading it I came to the conclusion that so far with my posts I have broken all ten rules! So let's try this again. … [Read more...]