The 12 Days of Christmas Redone

Thanksgiving is over and depending on your level of indulgence you may already be worrying about holiday weight gain. You may also be feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and looking for some smart ways to stay on track this season. Before the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, take stock of your current nutrition and exercise habits and get a plan. I have this quote on one of my computers that … [Read more...]

Sorting out cereals

With the morning temperatures getting lower, you may be thinking about switching your cold breakfast foods for something warm. While it isn’t easy to figure out which cold cereals are 100% whole grain, with hot cereals whole grains are the norm not the exception. Even Cream of Wheat has a whole-grain version. Do some whole grains beat others? It doesn’t appear so as studies have found a lower risk … [Read more...]

Power up for spring training

Spring has sprung and if you are like most athletes you are planning your racing line up and putting your training plans in order. As you start ramping up your training you will also want to assess your current nutrition plan as it may be in need of a little “spring cleaning”. To help you jump start your fueling strategy I am including a recipe for a great breakfast full of muscle fueling … [Read more...]