Everyday Strategies to Look and Feel Your Best

Have you felt run-down, lackluster, or just “blah” lately? It can be hard to know where to start when your life and self-care habits need a boost. Although it’s no mystery that a healthy diet and regular exercise are keys to your well-being, there’s more to it than that. It’s also essential to take a look at your mental health, your attitudes toward your appearance, how you spend your time, and how you carry yourself. Read on for a guide to start looking and feeling better every day. 

Woman walking outside to boost energy
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Update Your Look

If you feel like you’re in a rut, consider making a few changes to your look. Your self-care routines and what you wear affect more than your appearance — they can influence how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself in the world. Consider adding a few quality pieces to your wardrobe that make you feel good about yourself. For example, if you’ve been living in sweatpants for the last few months, give them the boot and buy a pair of comfortable, well-tailored jeans. 

Also, consider working from the inside out by consuming foods that are great for your skinWalnuts, for example, are high in bacteria-fighting zinc, which is essential for your skin to function properly as a barrier. Another smart choice is broccoli, which, along with numerous vitamins, is loaded with a special compound called sulforaphane; sulforaphane is a powerful protective agent against sun damage and may have anti-cancer effects, including some types of skin cancer. 

Boost Your Dental Health and Hygiene

Poor oral health can lead to serious health issues, including cardiovascular disease, gum disease, and arthritis, so brushing and flossing regularly is essential to your well-being, as is visiting your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups.

Smart food choices that benefit your dental health include calcium-rich foods like canned salmon and almonds. Also, look for foods rich in phosphorus, a chemical found in eggs, lean meat, and beans. In addition, vitamin C promotes gum health, so go for citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, potatoes, and spinach.

Did you know that crooked teeth can make it more challenging to keep your teeth clean? In addition, you may be more susceptible to headaches, TMJ pain, and chewing difficulties. An aligner can help straighten your teeth, but you’ll need to decide between in-office and at-home treatment. At-home treatments like byte typically work quicker and are more affordable, and they don’t require office visits. However, if you have major misalignment issues, you’ll likely need to make an appointment with an orthodontist for traditional treatment.    

Do a Mental Health Check-in

Even if you’ve never struggled with mental illness, your mental health is a big part of looking and feeling your best. During times of stress or change, extra support is vital. Consider talking to a counselor, even if you don’t think you need to. Counseling can be a helpful tool for uncovering any underlying stressors you didn’t know you had. 

Another important aspect of your mental well-being is how you nourish yourself. Food has a profound impact on mood, and depression-fighting foods can help you feel great. Some mood-boosting foods include avocado, dark berries, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, and yogurt. Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and probiotics have all been shown to improve emotional well-being. 

Make Time for Fun

Your hobbies aren’t just a way to pass the time; they’re an expression of who you are. We need self-expression when life feels serious because it can help us stay more open, lighthearted, and authentic. Try to carve out some time to do the things you enjoy. Whether it’s painting, dancing, a sport, or walking, your favorite activities will help you de-stress and feel more fulfilled. If you’re a traveler or an outdoors person, consider planning a socially distant adventure in your area that scratches the itch.

Use Power Poses

Power poses aren’t just for job interviews. According to social psychologist Amy Cuddy, your body language can positively affect the way you feel at any time. For example, standing up, reaching your arms into the air, and taking full breaths can make you feel expansive. It’s no coincidence that this is a pose associated with joy and victory. Thankfully you don’t have to be standing on a mountaintop or breaking the tape at a race to experience the benefits. Try it now and see how you feel. 

You can take this concept into everyday life by looking at the positions in which you spend most of your time. If you slouch forward for hours at a time, it can make you feel stagnant by impacting your ability to breathe. Instead of worrying about maintaining good posture 24/7, try to include some extra spinal movement — extension, side bending, and twisting — to your day to counteract the effects of sitting and slouching. 

Another strategy to help strengthen your posture is an anti-inflammatory diet. According to Everyday Health, many foods have been shown to reduce inflammation, a common cause for back pain and stiffness. Vegetables like carrots, beets, cherries, and grapes work wonders in combating lower back pain. Foods like olive oil, green tea, and brightly colored fruits all reduce inflammation in cartilage in the spinal column.

Looking and feeling great can help bring out the confidence in yourself that you didn’t know you had. The boost in your energy and shift in your outlook can influence all areas of your life for the better. By updating your look, nurturing your mental health, making time for fun, and using feel-good body language, you’ll have a great toolkit to get started. 

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